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MBA Placements
MBA Placements

MBA Placements in Delhi

Nearing the completion of your PGDM / MBA course? Surely, there much more going on in your mind than just the final semesters . This the real ‘Make or Break’ career defining time after the rigorous two years of the MBA grind. As dream companies visit your campus, your friends become your competitors, and you would wonder as to how to get that ‘break’ before others do in MBA Placements.

While the knowledge acquired in the past would go a long way in helping you secure the ‘break’ that you seek, following these simple interview tips will surely supplement your efforts during MBA Placements.



Do not be caught off guard. Take the initiative to know as much as you can about the company, its products, its promoters, top management and its recent news. By Making aware, you create an impression of  seriously interested in ‘this’ company’s job rather than just getting job with ‘any’ company.


Practice is the key. Practice role plays with a person who has attended/taken interviews before and ask him/her to offer you constructive feedback. Work on the areas for improvement and go through the practice feedback loop again to firm up your learnings. List down the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and prepare your answers. You can also record the rehearsal and see it yourself to get a feel of how you ‘appear’ to the interviewer. Work on the areas for improvement that you identify.


The first impression  the last impression! The importance of punctuality needs no further emphasis. Not reaching the interview on time sends out wrong signals; you set off on the wrong foot. Make sufficient allowance for traffic snarls and arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before appointed time.

Dress appropriately

You don’t need to wear expensive clothes to impress the interviewer. Being dressed in business formals a standard expectation. Wearing clothes that shape well on you will boost your confidence.

Give examples

Give credence to your claims! Make sure to come up with examples from your past – it could be your excellence in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities that illustrate your behavioural strengths. For instance, being president of your college, secretary of a club, or member of a committee must be mentioned to strengthen your candidature.

Summarize your project/internship

The success of your summer project might be the yardstick of your performance. Though you might have a lot to narrate, prepare a few points to describe and highlight your project’s objective and what you did to achieve the desired results.

Remain calm

It’s all in your mind! So be calm, stay focused and don’t fret. There might be a lot of anxiety before you enter the interview room. Take deep breaths and focus on the interviewer’s questions. Make a conscious effort to speak slowly and Listen carefully. Give yourself sometime to collect your thoughts before answering questions. You may use fillers to buy yourself more time.

Be confident and enthusiastic

Your body language as important as your verbal communication. So walking straight, holding your head high and giving a firm handshake all add to a positive start to the interview. Keeping eye contact throughout the interview, leaning a bit forward, a positive nod when required add to show your level of interest in the interview.

Honesty pays

In interviews, honesty is indeed the best policy! When an interviewer asks you something for which you don’t have an answer, it’s much better to admit it than to pretend otherwise. If you have committed a mistake in the past, it’s ok to accept it and mention your learnings and what you have done to not repeat this again. The employers  not looking at someone who knows all the answers but  surely not looking for someone who is not honest.

Be inquisitive

When an interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask questions, don’t ever Say ‘No Questions’. Interviewer wants to know whether you interested in the details of the job, the company or the department you would be working for. So be prepared with intelligent thoughtful questions that will reflect your interest for the job. (Also read: Some tricky interview questions)

Thus, overcome the fear, be yourself and give it your best shot! Success will follow naturally.

Pre-Placement Talk/Company Presentation for MBA Placements.

The Pre-Placement Talk/Company Presentation is an opportunity for the students and the organization to interact with each other, to clearly understand the job requirements, company expectations and ob profiles offered.

The organizations are required to conduct a Pre placement talk before starting with the selection process. Time and date for the pre placement talk can be decided upon a mutually convenient basis.

The organization is requested to give a pre-placement talk covering the following aspects in MBA Placements:

  • Overview of the company and its operations
  • Detailed Job Description
  • Skill set required/looking for in a candidate
  • Nature & period of training/probation, if any
  • Compensation package offered
  • Selection procedure to be adopted
Final Recruitment

The date of campus visit / recruitment finalized in consultation with the respective organization. The students best fit based on the skill set requirements of the company, and the one interested in applying to the organization identified and therefore detailed resumes forwarded to the companies for further processing.

Companies may also invite CVs of interested and shortlisted students on the basis of their profiles before coming on campus.

The MBA placements begins in the month of November and goes on upto June. However, the placement office is a place with vibrant ideas, activities and enthusiasm throughout the year.

  • Resume verification :-

Resumes submitted by students for campus placement duly verified by the Placement In- charge.

  • Employability enhancement programmes :-

Our goal is to give our students the fine-tuning that they require not just during the placement season but also as they board on their corporate endeavour. With this objective in mind, the Institute carries out several employability enhancement activities that include:

  • Communication evaluation sessions

Resume writing/Group Discussion/Personal Interview workshops
Informal interactive talks with alumni during the alumni meet
Several other preparatory activities like mock tests and discussion

The Placement Cell sends invitations to companies/ organizations along with relevant information .
  • Company/ organization sends in the details of the job and the offer using campus visit confirmation form .
  • If the company/ organization wishes to conduct a Pre- Placement Talk (PPT) they can send a PLACEMENT PROCESS request along with the preferred dates .
  • Therefore the job and offer detailed . Hence announced to the students, along with any other information furnished by company/ organization .
  • Interested students show their willingness to appear for the recruitment process of a company by registering at the Placement Office .
  • Placement Office allots dates in consultation with the company for conducting Pre- Placement Talk (PPT) and campus interviews .
  • Company visits the campus on the allotted date/s and conduct Written Test and/or GD/Case Discussion and/or Personal Interview according to their recruitment process .
  • The company/organization  required to furnish the final list of students selected during the recruitment process and issue a copy of Offer Letter on successful selection of candidate/s .

MBA Placements

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