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IMM Fostiima Business School PGDM

The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM Program prepares students for robust careers through a program that cares for cherished values. Besides the benefits of software and technology, human relationships matter in the path towards social and professional success. Academics, team building, and administration may not be enough. A drive and a direction is what the Best PGDM Program in Delhi NCR provides. Get into the driver’s seat.There is no looking back along the supreme management success story. Join the professionals at the top of the ladder through elevated overseas placements that launch fabulous careers.

IMM Fostiima Business School PGDM

Along with the piles of research, modules, workshops, seminars and presentations, particular skills take precedence. All of them are crucial to the development of creative and innovative business thought.

Data, data everywhere besides images and videos, of course. Statistical Analysis is an older term for Business Analytics that results in firm decision-making. Much of the world today is dependent on forecasting. Several techniques come together to aid Predictive Analytics like data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is Big Data Analytics that would reveal valuable information about customer preferences and market trends.

High Impact Soft Skills would finally win the contemporary battle. A tiny term with a world of meaning! Leadership and communications, teamwork and organization, many skills are referred to. Students learn them all with us.

Business understanding of consumers could not be complete without modern neuroscientific analysis. Why do consumers behave the way they do? Everything is in the mind, of course, and businesses get to those little secrets to improve production, according to trends.

As business and industry strive for perfection, the Six Sigma quality program method helps improve the quality. Based on calculations, the process refers to six standard deviations, a mathematical concept, that ensures better manufacture, products or services.

Software-based learning programs are everywhere. They aid statistical analysis through presentations, interpretation, and application.

IMM Fostiima Business School – IFBS

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Address-: B 11, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India . Website : IMM FOSTIIMA Business School IFBS College -: 011-26344275, 01164614275 , 9811004275 IFBS IMM FOSTIIMA Business School MBA College Delhi IFBS IMM Fostiima Business School Year of establishment  1969 Location in Delhi Qutab Institutional Area Vision/Mission Vision :-To create a Centre of Excellence in Management Education and a Mission to place India on the Marketing and Management map...
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