Most Popular MBA Specializations

Most Popular MBA Specializations

MBA Specializations

most popular MBA specializations

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An MBA in Marketing program offers specialized students prepares for careers in education in consumer behavior, promotion management and selling strategies, brand and product management, in addition to the traditional MBA coursework of advanced corporate management, human resources and business strategies.

Human Resource Management

MBA in Human Resource

MBA in Human Resource Management Degree students prepares for careers in an MBA program with a focus in human resource management can take courses in business strategies and concepts as well as benefits analysis, corporate headhunting, business coaching and compensation management.



MBA in FinanceMBA in finance Specializations students prepares for careers in Accounting, Financial planning, Banking, Corporate finance, the financial sector.


International Business

MBA in International BusinessMBA in international students prepares for business equips you with knowledge of global business trends and strategies that work in the business world. It is a degree that can offer lucrative career opportunities as it has broad scope. One can pursue a career as an international economist, trade specialist, and such high caliber career.


Retail Management

MBA in Retail ManagementMBA in Retail Management students prepares for Retailing is a dynamic industry, comprising a vast variety of sectors and home to some of the world’s biggest MNC companies. students prepares with the retail management in supervisory, sales, merchandise shipment, client communication, administrative services and management.


Information Technology

MBA in Information TechnologyMBA in Information Technology students prepares for Computer Applications, Database Management System and Design, System Analysis , Security & Control Information System (SCIS), Software Engineering, Web Designing, Data Mining, Multimedia Designing, Networking Management & Security Network, Data Warehousing more. along with detailed elements of management education. student’s will be prepared for the managerial work profile, having an in-depth knowledge of Computer Applications. This program prepares you for a great career as a qualified IT professional of management level.

Operational Management

MBA in Operational ManagementMBA in operations management students prepares for include Supply Chain Design-SCD, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP), Data Analysis (DA), Operations Management (OM),  Advanced Logistics, Business Analytics (BA), Plant Design and Layout, Project Management (PM), Manufacturing Processes, Product Design, Manufacturing Strategy and Development, Operations Strategy, Data Analysis and modeling and other subjects. It involves lot of learning through simulation and companies visits, apart from MBA regular theory Classes.

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